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Analysis & Advisory

Czarnikow’s Analysis and Advisory team give you their knowledge, opinions and data through an interactive mobile and web platform: Czapp.

What we offer

Through Czapp, Czarnikow’s analysis team give you news, views and forecasts on the world’s sugar and ethanol markets. We now also offer analysis on dairy and freight, as well as PET, wheat, corn and fertilizers thanks to our network of partner experts. Much of this is available for free, though advanced analytics are chargeable.

You can also use Czapp to search our interactive data tools and access a huge range of prices, crops statistics, trade flows, import duties, shipments and other indicators.

Our analysts are based around the world and are internationally respected. They are regularly invited to speak at conferences and we also host a number of local presentations to share insights with clients each year.

Our advisory team work closely with the analysts to offer you support. We help sugar producers, refiners and end-users manage their price risk, we do consultancy projects, and we offer a hands-on market advisory service for clients who want support in addition to Czapp access.

“With Czapp, you can stay informed even if you’re out in the field or working from home”
Stephen Geldart, Head of Analysis

How it works

Czarnikow has been in commodities for over 150 years. Market analysis has been an integral part of our approach right from the start.

Today, we use machine-learning to help us process as much commodity market data in real-time as possible. We then apply our knowledge from being involved in the physical supply chain of these commodities to understand future risks and determine forward prices. We can then use these insights to help you, whatever your challenges.

What’s more, we are continuously improving our service by adding new smart tools and content onto Czapp each day.

Why work with Czarnikow?

We have a winning combination: a world-leading team of analysts working with colleagues in supply chains around the world, communicating their views instantly to you with live interactive data.

All of this is available to you on your desktop, tablet or mobile on Czapp. Download now using the buttons below:

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Our other services

We offer a range of services which complement our Analysis & Advisory solutions. Read about them here:


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