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Corporate Finance

With the largest global team of professionals specialised in the sugar and bioenergy markets, we offer a wide range of independent financial & strategic advisory to help our customers achieve superior performance.

What we offer

We design and execute M&A and financing solutions for our clients and act as a trusted partner, based on long-term relationships globally built over more than 160 years.

Our deep understanding of global sugar, bioenergy and food & ingredients value chains, the high volume of transactions we advise on this market, and our unrivalled global network of investors in the sector, provide clients a unique access to tailor-made M&A and financing solutions.

Our services include:

M&A, Capital Raising & Joint Ventures

Debt Advisory & Restructuring

Valuation & Strategic Consultancy

Financial restructuring case study

Our global presence

  1. Our global presence enables access to first-hand information from the market in the main sugar and bioenergy producing regions.
  2. The Corporate Finance division leverages on Czarnikow’s analysis capability to deliver premier strategic and financial advice to its clients.
  3. Unrivalled global network of investors in the sugar and bioenergy markets, including financial institutions and strategic players, comprising banks, funds, producers, refineries, consumers and energy companies
“We aim to provide a specialized and innovative perspective on M&A and debt transactions across the food and energy markets, helping our clients to achieve their strategic goals.”
Luis Felipe, Head of Corporate Finance

Why Czarnikow?

The team enjoys long-standing relationships with key players across our global supply chains, including financial institutions, banks, producers, refineries, consumers and energy companies. At all stages of the supply chain, we are equipped to identify the appropriate strategy and work with you until completion.

The team

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Our other services

We offer a range of services which complement our Corporate finance solutions. Read about them here:


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