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Financing Solutions

We provide bespoke financing solutions and have developed a broad range of products and services to create value for our clients.

What we offer

Czarnikow offers a comprehensive range of complex financial solutions tailored specifically to the trade flow, supporting and meeting our client’s requirements and strengthening our long-term partnerships. We use the experience and knowledge that we have built over 150 years to implement the most appropriate solutions for our range of clients, assisting them to access funds which allow their business to prosper. We are able to source, deliver and finance globally a wide variety of food and drinks Ingredients, raw and refined sugar and ethanol.

Our service products include: advance payment, innovative securitised pre-crop finance, pre-shipment finance, freight finance, receivable finance, vendor managed inventory finance for just in time delivery, VIVE credited sustainable finance.

“We aim to be providers of innovative finance globally throughout the supply chain.”
Jayshree Barnes, Head of Trade Finance

How it works

The primary role of our financing solutions is to create value to facilitate trade, and as such it is an integral part of our business. Through our strong relationships both with banks, financial service institutions and participants across the entire supply chain, we are able to provide a range of financial services.

In global trade, there can be lengthy periods between the initial drawing down of the finance to the full repayment and successful completion of the agreed deal. To assist and alleviate the uncertainty over this period, we have finance structures that enable the efficient movement of goods and documents through the supply chain. We endeavour at all times to mitigate risk as much as possible through the supply chain for our clients.

Why work with Czarnikow?

Our agile and flexible approach means that we are quick to adapt to constantly changing market conditions and can manage short- to medium- term pressures to help our clients alongside longer term trends. During the current sugar surplus for example, we are able to leverage the strength of our client relationships throughout the supply chain to help refiners and multi-nationals manage cash flow and debt, whilst providing them with risk management advice.

Despite the relative difficulties in the global sugar market, in 2018 we added credit lines of $75 million. Our ability not only to maintain credit lines, but continue to improve our capabilities in this area, demonstrates the strength of our relationships and our collaborating banks’ recognition of our diverse and loyal client base.

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