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Price Risk Management

We can help mitigate financial risk by using derivatives to price in advance of trades and maximize value.

What we offer

We provide all the benefits of managing price risk through the futures market, without the complications and constraints that can be faced when dealing with the market directly.

Through our regulated entities, we have dedicated futures teams who are active in the world’s major trading exchanges and we can execute these trades through a regulated entity in the UK. Offering clients the ability to hedge price risk, we act for producers, consumers and professional investors, always focusing on delivering the best solutions for our client’s needs. Whilst we have a range of sophisticated products, we will never deliver an over-complicated product to our clients when a simple solution works better.

Our excellent reputation within the industry and close relationships with banks means that we can act with security, trust and confidence.

“We will never deliver an over-complicated product to our clients when a simple solution will work better”
Diana Tedgui - Head of OTC Derivatives

How it works

By using derivatives, particularly futures and options, we are able to negotiate prices that suit participants at all points along the supply chain. Derivatives derive their value from an ‘underlying’ asset or entity – in our case, this is most often physical sugar. The derivative is the contract between two or more parties, with its value set according to fluctuations in the underlying asset.

Using derivatives ensures against price movement within a volatile market, and enables prices to be fixed in advance of a trade itself without the obligation of physical delivery. This enables you to act with the knowledge of your future financial position, and allows you to plan with certainty.

Why work with Czarnikow?

Our strong relationships within the field allow us to have a clear view of the market at any given time. Working closely with our internal risk team, we are able to identify, manage and mitigate risks as they appear, enabling value creation and protection.

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