Winning through IT: An Extract From Our Annual Review | Czarnikow

As part of our recent annual review we took a closer look at how our work in developing new software supports everything we do at Czarnikow, and makes us part of the conversation on technology in the global food and ingredients supply chain. Below is an excerpt from our 2018 review, which you can read in full here.

Committed investment

Since 2015 we have invested heavily in leading-edge IT and services across the Group in a bid to capture and convert our specialist knowledge and expertise into bespoke modules, databases and systems.

These are improving our internal transparency, accuracy and efficiency by giving us better oversight of our business and reporting activities. Over time, we have been able to pass on these benefits to our partners across the supply chain.

Adding value internally

An important internal benefit has been the removal of complexity and the automation of basic processes, which means that our employees can spend their time on tasks and projects that are more rewarding – from both a job satisfaction and a business standpoint.. Our employees are spending more time ‘front of house’ rather than processing behind the scenes, and can think more creatively about how to best create value for our partners and grow our business.

Benefitting stakeholders

Our investment in IT also allows us to interface more efficiently with our clients, delivering services in a more timely and client-friendly way. During 2018 and in the first half of 2019 we have worked on developing a new client portal and app to simplify and tailor market analysis and information.

Through this development, we can provide better value for money for existing clients and open up new revenue streams by offering flexible information levels and delivery options. Our in-house IT skills are instrumental in facilitating our borrowing base – the first of its kind in the industry.

What to expect

We are already seeing good returns on our IT investment and we have planned to maintain an ongoing high level, given the fast-moving environment in which we operate and the rate at which technology is developing. We remain open to evaluating evolving systems such as blockchain and machine learning and have the flexibility to integrate these into our systems if required, without being locked in to specific technologies.